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Learn all you need to know about Toro’s new Tempus™ DC Controller. Easy to use, to program & to install.

Generally speaking, the Bluetooth can operate in an area of 10-15 meters, but we cannot indicate a definite precautious distance for the variables present in an irrigation system. The Bluetooth link depends on the obstacles that you have on the area that may interfere with the signal.

In a normal use/condition, the 9V should last longer than the 4 x 1.5V AAA option. Definitely, the WITH LCD version will need more power because of the LCD, but we wanted to give an easier option to our customers for it is easier to find the batteries of 1.5V AAA.

Either will work because the controller has permanent memory retention so it won’t lose the program even if it’s turned off or when you take out the battery.

Aside from the intelligent key features of Tempus™ DC, it is available in 2 versions – the NO LCD and WITH LCD versions so customers still have the flexibility of programming it using the app or manually. Also, our screen is the biggest in the LCD version which provides better visual for those who prefer seeing the program on display.

On the average, batteries last 1 year but it still depends on how often the controller is programmed which consumes power. The app will alert you when the battery in the controller needs changing. Normally, low-battery still operates for a month under normal conditions.

Tempus DC can operate between -10ºC to 50ºC and is 100% waterproof.

As part of the battery-saving feature of the controller, the display automatically turns off within 30 secs from last touch.

Tempus DC has been designed to operate on a 1 x 9V battery. But for the ‘WITH LCD’ version, the user has an option to use 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries if 9V is not available.

There is a special capacitor that stores charge and releases the charge when needed. 

No, being a DC operated battery controller, Tempus DC does not have this option.

Yes, a DC latching relay. In order to command a pump with the Master Valve output, you need to use a module to convert the 9V pulse into a ON/OFF relay command (ex. DC latching relay).

It’s IP68-rated so it follows the protection rating of this international standard.

Tempus DC can operate between -10ºC to 50ºC and is 100% waterproof.

The buttons need a hard press to function so that it’s not easily re-programmed by accident or by light bumps when it’s seating inside the valve box.

As for a lot of device with password, it should be end-user responsibility to have memory for username and password. But in case a password cannot be retrieved, follow the steps below or you may ask Toro HQ to re-set the system by sending a request via links on our website.


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