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Learn all you need to know about Toro’s new Tempus™ DC Controller. Easy to use, to program & to install.

The Bluetooth link depends on the obstacles that you have on the area. For example, if you put the controller in a valve box you can have a smaller distance. Generally speaking, the Bluetooth can operate in an area of 10-15 meters, but we cannot indicate a definite precautious distance for the variables that you can have in an irrigation system.

In a normal use/condition, the 9V should last longer than the 4 x 1.5V AAA option. Definitely, the WITH LCD version will need more power because of the LCD, but we wanted to give an easier option to our customers for it is easier to find the batteries of 1.5V AAA.

Either will work because the controller has permanent memory retention without battery so it can be programmed from the screen (for the WITH LCD version) or from the App before or after the installation.

Aside from the intelligent key features of Tempus™ DC, it is available in 2 versions – the NO LCD and WITH LCD versions so customers still have the flexibility of programming it using the app or manually. Also, our screen is the biggest in the LCD version which provides better visual for those who prefer seeing the program on display.

On the average, batteries last 1 year but it still depends on how often the controller is programmed which consumes power. The app will alert you when the battery in the controller needs changing. Normally, low-battery still operates for a month under normal conditions.

Tempus DC can operate between -10ºC to 50ºC and is 100% waterproof.


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